Church’s health services in crisis


CHURCH health services in Northern will shut down at the end this month if Government funding is not forthcoming, Anglican archbishop Clive Igara says.
He said that 50 per cent of the health services in the province were run by the Anglican Church’s health services.
“We are in a crisis situation because we have not been receiving the regular monthly grants for almost four months now,” Igara told The National yesterday.
“The last grants we received were in June this year and that was it.
“We have not received any funding since and we are in a very critical situation.
“The church health services have started scaling down their manpower and the next step would be to shut down.”
Provincial administrator Sem Vegogo said if the Anglican health services closed, then that would affect about half of the services in the province.
Most of the health services in the province were being run by the Anglican Church and it would be a very unfortunate situation, according to Vegogo.
National Planning Minister Charles Abel had assured church health institutions that the shortfall of K50 million would be sorted out.
Abel told the last Parliament sitting that the Government had improved the church health services to make it equal to the public health system.
Abel said the 2016 budget allocation for health had increased but they had had discovered through the bureaucratic process that there had been a 35 per cent cut.

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