CIC head praises farmers


TWO groups of coffee farmers in North and South Waghi have been praised for lifting the profile of Jiwaka coffee during the 2016 National Coffee Cupping competition in Lae.
The groups were Kosem/PPAP of North Waghi and Kosem/PPAP of South Waghi. They became the first, not only in Jiwaka but in Highlands region, to export their coffee directly to South Korea fulfilling the Coffee Industry Corporation’s tree-to-cup policy under group marketing.
CIC chief executive Charles Dambui praised the farmers for setting a milestone achievement during launching of their first export container of 320 green bean bags at Banz station on September 9.
“My congratulations to the groups to export their coffee overseas under group marketing fulfilling the Tree-to-Cup policy which aims to connect farmers with overseas market.
“This is a milestone achievement. It sends a big signal to the other participants of the national coffee cupping competition.
“If Jiwaka can send a container to overseas market, I believe the others must set the same example.”
Dambui acknowledged the World Bank, International Fund for Agricultural Development and the Government for funding the coffee rehabilitation effort which in a very short time was producing remarkable results.
The Jiwaka farmers made the top 10 finalists at the national competition in September. The groups finished fourth and sixth out of 114 Arabica coffee competitors.

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