CIC inspector: Coffee bags to go through checkpoints


CHIMBU police and Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) officers have set up a check point at Koronigle Bridge to stop coffee parchment from reaching markets in Chimbu and Eastern Highlands.
Police officers from Kerowagi and CIC officers have been stationed at the check point since mid-last month following the coffee berry borer outbreak in Jiwaka.
CIC inspectors working at the check point, Stila Frisu and Fako Zume told The National on Wednesday that they were taking every step necessary to stop the coffee berry borer from spreading to nearby provinces.
Frisu said that Kerowagi districts headquarters shared borders with Jiwaka and that was why they stopped people from Kerowagi living on the other side of Koronigle Bridge from transporting their coffee parchment bags into Kundiawa or Goroka to sell them.
He said that most of the people in the rural areas depended on coffee but if they did not take action to stop the spread of the diseases, it would easily spread and affect the coffee industry.
“During our first two weeks, we came across container trucks and other vehicles crossing the bridge with coffee parchment bags, we stopped them and told them to go back,” he said.
Zume said they only allowed certified coffee green beans from Western Highlands to pass through the check point.
He said that his other colleagues were working tirelessly in Jiwaka with the farmers and block holders to contain the spread of the borer.
Zume said that with the good support from the locals and police, they stopped parchment coffee from reaching markets in Kundiawa and Goroka.
He said this was the coffee season but for the good of the industry, the checkpoint would remain until the situation was contained.

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