City authority to ban street vending


THE LAE City Authority, in partnership with the police, will conduct a week-long awareness in the city this week to ban street vending in public places.
Lae Metropolitan Superintendant Anthony Wagambie Jr confirmed that the police will join forces with the city council to get rid of all street vendors after the awareness was completed.
“By next week, we will carry out awareness to warn street vendors to stop plying their trade and leave the shopping centres, markets and bus stops free for people to access,” Wagambi said.
He said many petty criminals like pick-pockets and bag snatchers mingled with vendors and preyed on unsuspecting victims, therefore street vending will be stopped.
“Street vendors, including those who re-sell goods, those who repair, polish and re-sell shoes and fix mobile phones, will all get off the streets when the operation resumes,” he said.
He said that mobile phone top-up agents and street preachers would be removed as well.
“They should go to a designated area away from the foot paths and main centres to conduct their business,” he said
Wagambie told The National that they wanted to bring order and control back in the city before the festive season and street vending has proven to be an avenue for petty crimes and a hindrance to order in the city.
Lae City manager Roy Kamen said 60 law enforcers from the city council would work along with the police foot beat patrol to carry out the operation against street vending.
“We will give them a one-week notice prior to that so that they can voluntarily leave the city’s main centres and go somewhere to do their trade,” he said
Australian Federal Police have assisted by donating 50 vests to Lae police and the City council for the operation.

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