City authority praised for acknowledging staff

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PUBLIC Service Minister Sir Puka Temu is looking for a local organisation which is 10 steps ahead of every other organisation in terms of smart government and believes the National Capital District Commission is the organisation.
“I believe this is the organisation that can take a leap in this 21st century in terms of modernising our civil servants, in terms of the cutting edge technology, in terms of raising the bar of civil servants’ performances,” Sir Puka said as guest speaker at the Commission’s first ‘Long Service Staff Rewards’ night at the Airways Hotel last week.
He challenged everyone, including the city manager Leslie Alu, the four deputy city managers, senior managers and staff who were present to take this challenge to drive the organisation forward to the next level as the capital city.
He urged everyone to work hard to raise the standard of performance in their respective field of responsibilities to make Port Moresby the best city in the region.
“I believe that you, as an organisation under today’s political leadership and a smart management team, the fact that you have thought about an inaugural saying thank you to the long service workers, is part of the smart way of doing things.
“That we need to recognise that the capital that is so important is the human capital, the skills they have is the most important capital in any organisation and we need to harness that capital.
“I thank the management for recognising some of those very small people because we need to start from there as a nation. We need to say thank you sir, thank you madam. We need to give credit where it’s due.”
Sir Puka said he had spoken to his Secretary John Kali to follow NCDC’s initiative and would also like to see other departmental heads do the same.
“I always speak to my Secretary John Kali, we need to follow NCDC, we need to follow Leslie Alu and his team who have organised an evening to handpick individuals – 46 of them – who have given over a thousand man hours to this nation,”Sir Puka said.

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