City rangers found guilty


CAUSING the death of a person, whether healthy or sick, indirectly is a crime, a national court judge told two men found guilty of manslaughter yesterday.
“A healthy fit man, who was assaulted, died from the injuries he sustained,” Waigani National Court judge Justice George Manuhu said.
He made the comments after finding two former National Capital District Commission (NCDC) city rangers guilty of manslaughter of a man who was believed to have died from injuries he got from a fight with the accused pair.
Kila Samson and Jack Anu, while being employed as casuals by NCDC for a clean-up of Gordon Market allegedly assaulted Romis Yapu from Laiagam district in Enga after an argument over a damaged market table of an elderly man on June 15, 2013.
The court heard that Yapu died three days after the incident. Justice Manuhu told the court that although the medical report stated that the cause of death was unclear, it showed that the injuries sustained by Yapu were consistent of blunt trauma.
He said the court was satisfied with the evidence, especially with the statement of witness Pasame Minako, who saw Samson and Anu assault Yapu.
He ordered that they be remanded at Bomana prison. The two men will appear in court on Dec 6 to be sentenced.
Ipo Yapu, elder brother of the deceased, told The National after the court session that he was relieved with the decision after three years of going back and forth to court.
“This is a lesson to all city rangers employed by NCDC who are abusing people and taking the law into their own hands, they are supposed to do the right thing” Yapu said.

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