City residents look forward to better public transport


PORT Moresby city commuters can finally look forward to the implementation of another critical phase of Governor Powes Parkop’s vision of modernising the capital city.
This is the modern and efficient public road transport system announced recently by the new Road Transport Authority chairman.
A new transport service will complement the city’s rapidly growing and emerging metropolitan status is what has been missing in the city’s changing developmental landscape.
A concern will be how efficient and effective will the new operators be because city residents and the travelling public will expect and demand the best  — beyond the mediocre performance capability of the current service providers.
A new public road transport would require the management knowhow  skills and expertise of an experienced operator with proven successes in operating such services in developed countries or having the ability to successfully replicate such a model in the National Capital District.
Re-engaging the same operators and expecting a completely new level of service quality reliability and professionalism would simply be like giving the current operators new shirts to wear with the new City Road Transport Policy written on them and hope for the best. We, the public commuters, kindly request the new road transport authority and National Capital District  Commission to consider two well-managed bus services: For passengers only; and for passengers with average size shopping bags.
As well, the new public transport system must be free of political and ethnical manipulations.
And we can only hope that the huge spending on the new and re-designed city roads over the last four years have been carefully planned to accommodate this new model of modern public road transport for the city.
After all, this a very critical and vital link in the delivery of services to the people of the national capital.

Manu resident

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