City school commences independence celebration


THE Independence anniversary will fall on Friday but a lot of schools around Port Moresby have already started lead up celebrations.
Reaper Early Childhood Learning Centre in Morata is no exception.
The centre started Independence celebrations last week with a mini cultural show combined with a fashion show and reciting of poems.
It is a preparatory school for children between the ages of three and seven years and one of the schools in Port Moresby settlements supported by WeCare Foundation.
The centre has an enrolment of 97 students.
There are five voluntarily teachers who have gone through Easy Learning Training with support from the Digicel PNG Foundation.
WeCare believes in increasing the literacy level of people by working with the community to provide pre-schools for children in the marginalised communities, particularly settlements.
This week, WeCare Foundation celebrated the 80th birthday of its founder, Fr John Malcolm Glynn yesterday

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