City’s polling booths centralised


POLLING booths for the National Capital District and a few other centres will be centralised, provincial election manager Terence Hetinu says.
Hetinu said central locations were new and would be tried out in populated areas.
“In a centralised location, we will get all the small communities into one location and set up about two to six polling booths, depending on the number of the voting population,” Hetinu said.
“This is to make it easier to manage the crowds. We will have people who will be coordinating these booths, have presiding officers allocated at each booth and have police officers present to provide security.” He said centralised locations would also have an express lane. “If the presiding officers sees a person with disability or a pregnant woman is in the line with the crowd, he can stop the polling and create an express lane for that particular person to come and cast his vote before continuing with the normal polling.”

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