Civil servants urged to make polls a success


CHIEF Secretary Isaac Lupari has urged heads of departments and State agencies to work with the security forces to ensure free, fair and safe elections.
Lupari said security would be fully funded, supported and in full force during the election period.
“If you are intending on disrupting the elections, I urge you to think again,” Lupari warned.
He said yesterday that public servants had the responsibility to ensure free, fair and safe elections.
“They (ballot papers) now bear 15 security features (eight more than ballot papers in the past), making it very difficult to cheat,” Lupari said
He said the common roll was in its final stages of completion to ensure the exact number of eligible voters nationwide so that excess ballot papers would be destroyed.
“This to ensure accountability so that no extra or illegitimate votes are cast,” he said.
For allowances for the deployed security personnel, Lupari said a proper process was being introduced, where security officers did not carry around with them large amounts of money like in the past.

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