Civil servants urged to remain loyal

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SECRETARY for Personnel Management John Kali has challenged public servants to uphold the oath they swore and be loyal servants to the state and the people.
Kali said this yesterday at the public service dedication service for 2017 at the Sir John Guise Indoor Stadium in Port Moresby.
“As we proceed into this New Year, I would like to remind us all public servants and emphasise and reflect on two important things as we proceed to face the challenges this year and beyond,” Kali said.
“Firstly, is our oath of loyalty to the people and to the Government and the country.
“We swear to give loyal service to the state and the executive government without seeking personal favours over and above our normal remuneration and without fearing retribution for performing our lawful duties.
“And we must continue to reflect and uphold what we swear to God and our people.”
He said secondly, the important thing was the values of public service.
“When we become public servants, we also swear both to God and our people that we will at all time and to the best of our ability  be loyal servants to the state and the people.
“We must be honest to ourselves and to the people and serve them better – meaning simple things like attending work on time, giving full days to work, obey lawful orders and importantly respect and uphold the trust in us for the proper conduct of public business.
“We must do our best to serve the people who deserve more from us,” Kali said.
Chief magistrate Nerrie Eliakim also stressed the importance and the need to uphold the oath of loyalty and service they swore to uphold.
“The positions that we currently hold is not our birth-right,” Eliakim  said.
“We are only custodians to those positions we hold and it is very important for us to uphold integrity and be honest in everything we do.
“We must not forget to uphold the oath we swear before God and men when we join public service.”
The inaugural dedication service was attended by government leaders and bureaucrats, including Finance Minister James Marape and Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari.
During the service, Lupari said the idea to have the dedication service was initiated by Secretary for Community Development Anna Solomon and her team.
“Papua New Guinea is a Christian country and God must always remain first in everything we do and I commend Secretary Anna Solomon and her team,” Lupari said.
“I’m leaving it to Secretary Anna Solomon and Personal Management Secretary John Kali to ensure this is included in our annual public service calendar.”

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