Claims on social media causing fear, says Turi


SOCIAL media claims of high crime rates in the city are causing unnecessary fear, says NCD Metro Supt Benjamin Turi.
“People just panicked and said there is increase in criminal activities in the city, somebody is saying it, everybody is saying that – robbery, robbery, robbery – there is no robbery,” he claimed.
Turi said robbery cases that had happened recently were under control as police were fully aware and were investigating.
“A number of those cases involved expatriates and these bring great shame to the country,” he said.
Turi said people should not panic as police were doing their best to provide security and safety in the city.
“Robberies happen at places when police are not around,” he said.
Turi said but if police had been around, they would get hard on the criminals.
He said despite them being short of manpower and resources, his team were doing their best.
Turi urged the public to also assist them to  address such issues in the city.
“We cannot be everywhere at once to monitor the whole city,” he said.
He called on respective organisations like security firms, business houses and the public to assist.
Meanwhile, Turi urged the public to help police identify wanted criminals.
“The public need to come out and assist us. Give the names of those wanted criminals that you know of. Your identifications will be protected,” Turi said.
He said police were doing their best to display information of those wanted criminals on notice boards at respective police stations in the city.
Turi said they were thinking of using the media to publish information of convicted criminals that were on the run and information of stolen vehicles.
He said they were inviting comments from the public about the ideas before proceeding.
“We are open to work with everyone as we are here to help you,” Turi said.

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