Class resumes after flood forces schools to close


Three schools in Wampar, Morobe, will resume today after being suspended indefinitely due to flooding last week.
Huon Gulf district education inspector Sam Geseng said Zifasing, Tanam and Mare Primary Schools will resume classes this morning.
He said the flood subsided last Wednesday and Thursday, and students and teachers cleaned up on Friday for full resumption today.
Geseng, however, said Gabensis Primary School was badly hit by flood waters and would remain suspended indefinitely.
Only Grade 8 students would attend classes to prepare for their examinations.
He said the Gabensis village was washed away by floods which forced the locals to take refuge in the school classrooms.
“Students at the primary and elementary schools are mostly village children and they were greatly affected by floods,” Geseng said.
He said the situation was improving in the other three schools.
Geseng said the homeless villagers would use the school grounds as a care centre until they were resettled somewhere.
Gabensis villagers lost 10 trade stores with thousands of kina worth of store goods, two chicken sheds with one containing 600 chickens, food gardens, domestic animals and properties to the flooded Gabensis River last week.

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