Class sees chemistry at work at treatment plant


Upper secondary school students at the Kopkop College in Port Moresby toured Eda Ranu’s Mt Eriama water treatment plant in an excursion on Tuesday as part of their chemistry lessons.
The visit was focused on teaching students the involvement of chemistry in the process of purifying water for consumption.
Water quality controller, John Kepui guided the students around the plant and showed them to the different
stages that were involved in the water purification
“The World Health Organisation sets the water standard which is acceptable for public consumption and our job is to meet that standard,” Kepui said.
“All the processes and procedures done are to make sure we meet that standard
“So seeing how chemistry plays a part in the water purification process was the basis of the excursion.”
Kopkop chemistry teacher Robina Wianango said the purpose of the trip was for the students to see what they
had learnt in class and also allowed them to get an insight of different chemicals and how much was used in each process.

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