Classes progressing well, Mann says


CLASSES at the University of Papua New Guinea are progressing well, with almost 90 per cent of students registered and attending classes.
Acting Chancellor Dr Nicholas Mann told The National that those students unable to make it to campus, especially overseas students, had been given time to come back and continue their studies.
“All the classes are going on well in all the schools,” Mann said.
“Almost 95 per cent of the students are coming back to school and resuming classes.
“It’s only the overseas students who are yet to come.
“According to the respective embassies, the overseas students should be arriving in a week.
“The few that choose not to come or are unable to come have been given the option to withdraw.”
Mann said withdrawal forms were available on the university’s website.
Students unable to come have been encouraged to fill the forms and withdraw from studies this year.
They can come back later.
“That’s been already announced and students are aware of that,” Mann said.
“But there’s not many filling in the withdrawal forms and are coming back to studies, which is good.”

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