Classes resume despite counting


Tusbab Secondary School in Madang is scheduled to start classes from today following directions from Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra.
Principal Alphonse Igag confirmed that the school was also one of the counting venues since last Tuesday. “We have made an announcement for students to return to school (today),” he told The National on Friday.
He said the decision to relocate to a new counting venue lay with the election committee, but the school would continue classes without disturbing the counting.
In the meantime, counting is going on at the school hall.
“Our teachers are not involved in election activities, so I’m hoping classes will commence well,” Igag said.
Meanwhile, at Maprik Secondary in East Sepik, classes were in progress.
Principal James Jimbanau said the school was not distrupted by the elections. “Monday there was no class because students were returning from holidays, but the following day the classrooms were filled and classes were normal,” Jimbanau said
He said counting had started in Maprik but students and teachers were focused on the school.

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