Climate authority stresses need for early action plans


The Climate Change and Development Authority says Papua New Guinea has faced adverse effects of climate change that need early action plans for mitigation.
Authority director Jacob Ekinye told a workshop in Port Moresby yesterday that PNG was facing the effects of climate change at present and a national adaptation plan was brought in for consideration by the stakeholders.
It was  the only way out to address the impacts effectively, Ekinye said.
He said with the adaptation plan that PNG had now, it would find a way to bridge the policies, plans and structures of the government.
Ekinye said the National Adaptation Foundation Workshop was a way forward for PNG to address Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13 which called for climate action and the Government should look into it to address issues of climate change earlier for the betterment of the country.
“All these plans and proposals we may have in place to roll this very important activity but when we don’t have the funding available, then we are then stuck,” he said.“We hope the Government can make funds available so that we can roll out what we are planning now to do.”

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