Coconut Bar dart comp lures 12 teams


Twelve teams in the Los Negros local level government area and Lorengau town have confirmed their participation in the 2017 Coconut Bar Dart Competition.
The only social club on the fringe of seashore between Lorengau and Momote Airport road in Manus is backing the revival of the dart competition into the festival season.
Club owner and sponsor Cambel Christopher said the objective is to unite the youths and communities to remain focused on welcoming the festive season rather than getting involved in anti-social activities.
He said with the festive season reaching near, it was better youths enjoy some funs in sports like dart instead of engaging in criminal activities.
Papua New Guinea Dart Federation public relations officer Jayso James So-on will coordinate the competition on behalf of the club owner and the sponsors.
The competition will commence on Friday and end on Christmas Day.
All teams are urged to pay their team and player registration fees of K100 and K10 before round three of the competition.
Teams: Ocean Liner, Salapua, MT Modran, Coco, A3ND, Degree 1, Wind Shooters, Degree 2, Nanos, Chalahang, Works from Lorengau town.

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