Colgate supports foundation

Health Watch

COLGATE-Palmolive PNG has given K10,000 to the PNG Foundation for Women’s Cancer to support their work.
In the month of October, the company donated five toea for every Palmolive personal care product sold.
Colgate-Palmolive general manager John Wood said it was in addition to a recent comprehensive advertising campaign that was launched on October 1 to deliver the message to all corners of Papua New Guinea.
He said the campaign outlined the importance of early detection and letting cancer fighters know that they were not alone on the journey in battling with cancer.
“I think that’s very important because it will make their tough journey a little bit easier,” Wood said.
He said international statistics suggest that one in nine women could be affected by breast cancer at any age.
“According to the Ministerial Task Force of Cervical Cancer of Papua New Guinea, two women die of cervical cancer every day in our country,” Wood said.
Papua New Guinea Foundation for Women’s Cancer’s Dr Lutty Amos thanked Wood for the support.
She said the Health Department had declared January as the cervical cancer month.

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