College appeals for support


THE Jiwaka administration has been urged to support schools and institutions in the province as they are part of development.
Jiwaka Teachers College director Paul Siwi said development would happen only when there was unity and support.
Siwi said this after the provincial administration did not support 380 college students on practical teaching in Western Highlands.
He said since the establishment of the college in 2013, they did not receive any support from the provincial government.
Siwi said North Waghi MP and Defence Minister Dr Fabian Pok had taken the initiative to establish the college.
“I call on Governor Dr William Tongamp and his administration to support the institution,” Siwi said.
“The college has used up all its funding and resources to send trainee teachers to schools.”
He said supporting institutions in the province would bring more development to the province.
He said the college was a national institution that needed support from everyone.
“This college has been seeking support but nothing has come to its aid or even to the students,” Siwi said.
He said a total of 90 third-year and 290 second-year students were doing their practical teaching.
Siwi said first-year students were also sent to do observations back in their villages.

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