College can give better training with right facilities


THE Joint Services College (JSC) can provide better quality training for cadets if its infrastructure and logistic challenges are addressed, college commandant Col Carl Wrakonei says.
Wrakonei, who is the area commander of Igam Barracks and also the head of the JSC, said there were challenges facing the institution as a joint discipline forces training facility.
He said plans about training cadets from neighbouring Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) countries to high standards would not happen if infrastructure and facilities at the college remained neglected.
Wrakonei said the JSC faced challenges in areas of policy, planning, infrastructure and logistics as it attempted to accept cadet officers again.
“We have frequent blackouts that compromise security,” he said.
“We need a reliable power supply.
“The sewerage has been taken care of by the Australian Defence Force.
“We are struggling with logistics again. We are at the mercy of the Australians.
“The field uniforms, safety vests, rations and everything — the Australians are funding it.”
“How can another person come and fund these things. This is not good.
“If we want to bring in the MSG and other government agencies to join us here, we must fix our backyard first.”
Wrakonei said it would take about K55 million in the next five years to have most of the ageing facilities at the college upgraded.
He said the JSC’s immediate priorities were:

  • Ammunition – K300,000;
  • field equipment – K500,000;
  • tactical radios – K500,000;
  • weapons – K1.5 million;
  • vehicles – K500,000; and,
  • Combat rations – K500,000

Wrakonei said for the next two years, the JSC needed the following:

  • A sergeants’ mess – K1.5 million;
  • an officers’ mess – K1million;
  • soldiers’ club – K500,000;
  • soldiers mess – K500,000;
  • standby generator – K1.5 million;
  • model room – K500,000;
  • gymnasium/pool – K2.5 million;
  • water supply system – K1 million;
  • chapel – K500,000; and,
  • Ring road – K15 million

Wrakonei said that some of the important logistics they needed at the JSC included service day dress, field uniforms, weapons, ammunition, field equipments, vehicles, spare parts, rations, manpower support and medical equipments.

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