Colleges to shut down


THE University of Technology in Lae might have to close down two of its affiliated colleges due to shortage of funding, Vice-Chancellor Dr Albert Schram says.
He said that during graduation last week at the Timber and Forestry Training College in Lae.
He said Unitech may be forced to shut down the Timber and Forestry Training College (TFTC) and Bulolo University College or give them back to National Forestry Authority to look after.
“It is really sad as Unitech has been striving to do the right things but lack of funding has been a hindrance to Unitech’s development,” Schram said.
Schram acknowledged that a K5 million cut to next year’s budget added to more funding woes so, it would be logical to stay within their budget allocation and give back TFTC and Bulolo University College.
He said they tried their best to reduce costs of utilities and complied with government directive to reduce the number of casuals and unattached officers.
Schram said that Unitech operated on a tight budget and each year they received budget cuts.
Meanwhile, Schram also revealed Unitech’s plan to open their first satellite university campus at Kundiawa, Chimbu.
“Our satellite campus at Chimbu would enable us to increase the number of intakes in the coming years without overburdening our facilities at the main campus,” he said.

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