Column misleading readers, potential voters


I FULLY support Law Abiding Citizen’s letter about the Post-Courier ‘Scan Your MP’ column (The National, Nov 18).
I think it’s wrong for the newspaper to provide this forum for current MPs to tell the public about their so-called great achievements before the official election campaign period begins.
That is a discreet way of early campaigning by current MPs, which does not create a level playing field for other intending candidates.
Instead, the Post-Courier should be asking our people what their MPs have achieved during the past five years.
And the District Services Improvement Programme (DSIP) should not be the only key performance indicator (KPI) because it gives a distorted view about the performance of these leaders who are supposed to be legislators and not project managers.
Come on Post-Courier, don’t get sucked in by these high-flying MPs, governors and ministers.
Hopefully, the newspaper is not practising cheque-book journalism.
The bulk of our people may be illiterate and cannot read your impressive articles about their leaders.
But they are not stupid because they know exactly what their MPs have done or have not done in the past five years.
And our people will make their choices on election day.

Microscopic, Via email

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