Commander’s Cup kicks off, 10 sides tussle for title


THE opening day of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force Commander’s Cup rugby 10s tournament saw teams representing the army’s different units play at Murray Barracks Oval.
As the teams got into their stride, finding their feet playing in the 10s format, players made the hits and storming runs to the cheers of a crowd of around a 1000 people.
The host unit, the Air Transport Wing’s commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel Eddie Miro said the challenges faced on the first day were expected, when organising an event of this size.
“We had a few issues with the admin, but they will all be squared away by tomorrow,” Lt Col Miro said.  “You can see the intensity and enthusiasm from all the teams that took part on the first day.
“I’m sure everyone is satisfied.”
“We began on time which was good and I’m happy with the progress. Tomorrow all the teams should have their uniforms and that will lift their spirits.”
Despite the overnight rain in the nation’s capital, the Murray Barracks playing surface held up well.
This allowed teams to play fast and expansive rugby. The physical nature of the contest also took a toll on the players.
“I have received reports of quite a number of injuries. We will see how we go and manage that situation,” Miro said.
“The first day is always a time to test out the grounds and iron out any issues. But by tomorrow everything should roll out on time, going into the finals on Friday.”
Results: Wed, Oct 11 – Pool A – Basilisk Marlins 12 Goldie Warriors 5, LRRU Troopers 5 Crocs 0, FSB Tigers 5 Goldie Warriors 0; Pool B – HQ Chiefs 20 Tarangan Sharks 5, 2RPIR Muruks 27 ATW Eagles 0, 1RPIR Diggers 12 HQ Chiefs 0, Diggers 7 Muruks 7, ATW Eagles 5 Taragan Sharks 5.

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