I commend Electoral Commissioner


DESPITE the complaints raised by candidates I commend the Electoral Commissioner on the decision not to make changes to the returning officers list that has been gazetted.
It’s too costly to change or reverse the whole system as you have mentioned.
Also the late changes will escalate to even misleading the election process has they have never been to training, the proposed officers to be replaced.
Electoral Commission’s decision to finalise the appointed Returning Officers and Assistance Returning Offices is the interest of 99 per cent of the country’s seven million people in PNG in which the five million of it is eligible voters. While the National Election campaign is touching its peaks there is no need for people to lobby about these things.
Their focus should be on election as many of us think that this query has to be lodged earlier the better.
We are looking forward to June 24 to exercise our democratic rights at the polling booths.

Leighton Yakanginn

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