Commissioner confident security personnel ready for Apec summit


POLICE Commissioner Gari Baki, commander of the Joint Security Forces, says the country is ready to host Apec 2018.
He said a taskforce had been doing a lot of work in preparation for the Apec meeting.
“We have been asking Australia to help us with the security operations and this is one of the many gestures they have shown with the arrival of the FA 18s (jet fighters yesterday),” he said.
Apec coordination authority director security partner engagement Ian Jinga said the Transport Ministers meeting today was to have been hosted by Vietnam.
“PNG is fortunate that Vietnam gave us that meeting as part of our buildup to Apec 2018,” he said,
“This meeting allows us to put our systems into motion, that our systems are working and we are able to deliver the series of meetings leading up to November 2018.
“Likewise, in terms of security, the architecture that we are designing is geared towards ensuring that we have safety security environment that is suitable and appropriate for us to successfully deliver Apec 2018.
“It is in that regard that we have invited and they have kindly accepted the invitation to come and join us this morning to show that we are not playing around.”

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