Commitment vital, Yala says


THE successful operation of businesses is dependent on the commitment of their managers and their perseverance to operate in the challenging PNG economy, Dr Charles Yala says.
Yala, the National Research Institute director, told participants at the PNG Australia Alumnae Association workshop, that there were factors which limited the development of commerce in PNG.
“PNG is a land of opportunities. The challenges of doing business are daunting,” Yala said.
“But if we look deep into the challenges, our geographical and cultural diversity are actually opportunities for business.
“Successful businesses in PNG have been built by people with a clear passion and commitment to the country. They are survivors and we all are beneficiaries of their perseverance.
“But we must also acknowledge those who have tried and failed, and not for their lack of commitment.
“Ours is a difficult place to do business.”

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