Common roll update 80pc complete: Sinai


The updating of the common roll throughout the country is about 80 per cent complete and will be ready to be used for the 2017 national elections, Deputy PNG Electoral Commissioner Simon Sinai says.
Sinai said yesterday that verification of the common roll was now under way and only names of new voters who have reached the voting age of 18 were now being entered.
“The Governor-General will issue the writs on 20 April 2017 to signal the official commencement of the election programme,” Sinai said.
He said this when closing the three-day workshop for reporters at the Dixie Bungalow at 17-Mile outside Port Moresby yesterday.
Sinai also urged the media to be transparent when covering the elections.
“As gate keepers of information, it is essential that the media report on election events accurately with responsibility.
Misreporting and misinforming the public with inaccurate election reports can stir unrest and violence during and after the election process.
“As watchdogs for the public interest, it is the commission’s appeal to you all as professional journalists to ensure that the media can make or break a country.
“Your role as media professionals in the 2017 national elections is very critical.
“And I urged you all to play your role not only as sources of news but also as educators to educate voters about their right to make fully informed choices on polling day.”

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