Communication skills vital


EFFECTIVE communication skills is important when people try to convey key messages of campaigns such as the Sanap Wantaim campaign, an official says.
Young Women Christian Association Women (YWCA) training facilitator Bronwyn Killi told The National that communication was important so YWCA conducted three (Nov 11-13) training sessions in partnership with UN Women for youth groups in Port Moresby.
She said the training covered aspects of leadership but focused mainly on communication.
“The important thing about the training was making sure that they are equipped with the right information so that when they are out there it makes it easier for them to not only spread message of the campaign but are well versed on the issues,” Killi said.
“We all know that the city is not safe but we want to break down and understand what is gender, gender-based violence and just basically understanding these things and not just having the information but being equipped with the skills and active communication of leadership skills,” she said.
Killi said youths came from different youth organisations that had different target groups and key messages that they delivered to their audience so they would all collaborate in their own capacity to drive the campaign.
Another facilitator, Samuel Waila, said most youths did not know how to communicate with leaders.
“We are trying to help them in public speaking so they can raise their voices on issues affecting their communities, on violence and abuse against women.
The youths came from NCDC Youth Desk, Gerehu youths, Equal Playing Field, 9-Mile youths, Ginigoada, The Voice Inc and Yoga.

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