Complete briefs properly, police told


POLICE should deal with court cases professionally until the completion of police briefs, says Central Committal Court magistrate Ben Kome.
Kome said in court at Waigani yesterday police were slack to do follow-ups after arrests and their investigations on serious charges took too long to complete.
Kome made the comments when striking out the cases of two soldiers, Saunders Daipo and Arthur Enuma, who had been charged with attempting to kill Thomas Michael Kale at Goldie Barracks, in Central.
Daipo, 27 and Enuma, 31 are both from Tave village, Ioma, in Northern.
“The court says it’s a serious case and keeps adjourning the case. We will continue to keep adjourning the case until next year and there is a backload of cases still pending,” Kome said.
He said based on that, the court could not accept the affidavit by the arresting officer to further adjourn the case. The affidavit stated that one of the officers was on duty travel.
The magistrate said if the police were serious, they should talk to the superiors at the barracks as they were members of security forces and would understand their language better.
He said there were systems in place which had been created to help in such occasions and not to harm anyone.
“Arresting officers cannot just sit and say that a person is on duty travel. You have to write to the superiors and find out and advise them that there are orders from the court. And if that does not work out put the exact dates and indicate that in the affidavit. The current one in the court is a general one without any specific dates,” Kome said.
The court rejected the application for an adjournment and struck out the case. The court also ordered a refund of the defendants’ bail money.

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