Concern over effect of buai sale


THE sale of betel nut contributes to the rise in the consumer pricing index (CPI), according to the National Statistical Office.
National Statistical Office (NSO) manager for the price statistics branch Paul Karafa said betel nut had been contributing to rise in the index in every quarter.
“During routine collection of prices of market food items, buai topped the list as one of the most consumed items by Papua New Guineans,” he said.
“Buai is among 300 food and non-food items in the commercial industry listed in the CPI basket by the NSO.
“Findings on the impact of the nut (among locals) were revealed during the household and health survey carried out by the NSO in 2010.”
Karafa said prices of the 300 items listed in the CPI basket as commonly consumed by Papua New Guineans were collected at supermarkets, trade stores, services stations and schools.
“The indicators as well as the information is very important to the people of PNG,” he said.
“Users of the information such as the Bank of PNG, World Bank, Treasury and Finance departments, IMF and others use the information to do projections and forecasts when handing down annual budgets for PNG.”
Karafa was speaking to media personnel during a media workshop on statistics hosted by the NSO last Friday.

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