Concern over effect of landslide


A LANDSLIDE upstream of a river has created a dam which poses a risk to people living downstream if it bursts.
The landslide happened in the upper Waria River between Gobe and Tube villages on the border of Sohe in Northern and Huon Gulf in Morobe.
People down river in the Morobe post face major flooding if the blocked water bursts.
Villager Henry Beu said boulders from the landslide were blocking the river flow creating the dam-like situation which had flooded vegetation and gardens. Beu urged district officials from Sohe and Huon Gulf to visit the area.
Agotame villager Yewa Semase in the Kila local level government, Sohe also confirmed the landslip at Tube.
Dona villagers Kamene Bou, Joe Garney and Inonase Guma in Morobe LLG said it would be a disaster if the “dam” burst.
Huon Gulf district officer Cliff Wembiong confirmed that he had received reports from Morobe LLG agriculture extension officer Joyce Zamunu.

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