Concern over new parties


THE Registrar of Political Parties is concerned about the number of people still trying to register new political parties – four months away from the issuing of writs for the 2017 general election.
There are 34 political parties registered so far but more are still coming in.
Registrar Dr Alphonse Gelu told The National that one of his biggest concerns was individuals fronting up at his office trying to register new parties.
As of yesterday, three more parties had registered while several more were lining up, something that the registry is discouraging.
“My concern is you can’t do that. Where were you (people coming in) after 2012 (last general election)?” he said.
He said some people still could not understand what political parties were.
“They still don’t know the impact of political parties,” he said.
“You don’t just expect to form a political party a few months before the issue of writs, and then you go into the election.
“Just because someone told you that you’ve got a good chance of winning, and the only way of winning that seat is through a political party, has no logic at all.
“You form political parties well in advance of an election (to) give you enough time to go out and recruit membership.
“It will give you time to go out and inform our people about your policies so that when people go and vote, they will vote for you based on your party policies.”

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