Concern over upgrade of schools


WESTERN Highlands Deputy Governor Wai Rapa has called on the provincial government to meet all the requirements when setting up high schools so students’ learning is not affected.
Rapa claimed that the education system in the province was far too embroiled in politics which was affecting students.
He said Governor Paias Wingti had been converting some primary schools to high schools.
“We have more than 20 high schools which is not right because the education division is not meeting the entire requirement,” he said.
“There are no qualified teachers, no staff houses. Yet high schools are popping up like mushrooms.”
Rapa said high schools needed proper learning equipment, materials, qualified teachers and infrastructure.
He said some areas lacked roads forcing students and teachers to walk through bushes.
“We continue to preach about those high schools but forget to ask if we are building the education standards. What kind of system are we trying to implement in the province?” he said.
Rapa said he had been raising the concern but was ignored.
“Politics should be involved in any government department because that will affect the people,” he said.
He said the education system in the province should have a proper plan.

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