Concerns on copper tailings to be looked at


COPPER tailings from the Frieda mine is a major concern which East Sepik Governor Alan Bird plans to look into.
He said tailings from the extraction of copper was more damaging to the environment than other minerals if not managed properly.
“Any mining operation particularly for copper generates a lot of tailing. Not so much like gold. And because of that, I want to make sure that the environment concerns of the river people are fully catered for,” Bird said.
“The other thing is we have to make sure that any benefit from such operation goes to the people. Normally you will find that with mining operations, the maximum benefits go to the Government and very little to the people. So we need to be careful that this does not happen here.
“The mine is important for both West and East Sepik and we as elected representative need to ensure that our people get the best from deals.”
Bird said that he would be meeting with the Frieda Mine operators (PanAust and Highlands Pacific).

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