Concerns over quality of jersey


WHILE we acknowledge the achievement of the PNG Kumuls against Wales, I would like to raise my concern on the quality of the jumpers.
When Justin Olam made his first hit-up, the No.2 printed on his back was ripped out hanging.
Therefore, I wonder, is this jumper genuine or counterfeit?
Who are the manufacturers of this jumper?
The jumper number was his personal achievement and pride of family, friends, fans and country.
It must be left affixed to his and other players’ backs for the full 80 minutes.
We must remember that this is World Cup and the world is watching.
PNG is known as one of the richest countries in the South Pacific in terms of its natural resources.
Our team ran under the banner “PNG LNG Kumuls.”
The major sponsor is ExxonMobil and this might also portray a bad image of the sponsor.

Wild West, Lae

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