Confusion, frustration over ESP Day


Please allow me to air my views regarding East Sepik Day at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium in Lae last weekend.
The turnout numbers for the day was good. Almost the entire stadium was packed to capacity. Most attendants were students and working class or rather youths in general. The idea is good, to help develop the province and the country as a whole as stated by the provincial leader.
However, there are some qualms that need to be made clear.
Firstly, nearly half of the attendants were drunks who disturbed the general event, resulting in fighting.
Secondly, the entry charge was K10 for a provincial day.
Thirdly, the objective of the event is not clear. It is totally a disgrace to use the provincial day to raise funds for unknown reasons.
For a person in a right frame of mind, this is wrong. If it is a fundraiser, then it should be made aware to the public and the Sepik community to avoid confusion and commotion.
If it is a provincial day, why was the Sepik communities charged a fee to attend their day as a show of pride of belonging.
Furthermore, as claimed by the leader promoting human resource to help develop the province and nation as a whole, was contradictory. The crowd behaviour did not portray the objective of the event.
Is this what the province and country need to develop.
This needs to be changed if it were for collaboration and development. I suggest the event needs to be re-looked at and a proper programme needs to be drafted.  Include some prominent people from the province in the programme for coaching and mentoring.
Finally, there should be a road map to follow, including some indicators to show progress or output of the desired programme which is achievable.
This will then be a nucleus for change and development of the province and nation.

KS Supaini, Lae

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