Consider families when discussing child protection: Solomon


FAMILIES need to be considered when it comes to discussing issues affecting child protection, Department of Community Development and Religion Secretary Anna Solomon says.
Speaking at the launching of a report by Save the Children on child protection system in PNG, Solomon said a holistic approach is needed to address child protection issues.
“We cannot limit discussing child protection without taking note of what is happening in a family, we are discussing family as a whole,” Solomon said.
“It is for this reason that the department has looked at a lot of colonial laws. These are some of the important areas that we have overlooked over the years and it is important that we also amend them so they help protect our children.
“When we talk about child protection, we are looking at a holistic approach. We’ve come a long way in terms of child protection and the last three years has seen a lot of legislative reviews not just surrounding children but families too.
“We believe that if we don’t amend many of these colonial laws, our children will still be (abused).
“These are not just things that are happening now, they were talked about in forums, meetings, other researches were done and updated to confirm some of the things that we are all concerned about.
“We thank you for all the support. We needed partners and those discussions have helped Save the Children to complete this report for us.
“We’ve looked at all the recommendations and it is putting us on notice, it helps to strategically roll out the Lukautim Pikinini (LPA) Act implementation, taking into consideration some of the recommendations that have been put on paper for us to meet and discuss.
“We’ve realised that through the LPA, coordination has been one big challenge for all partners and we’ve taken a bold step this time.”
“LPA is that framework. Through this LPA the council will discuss the roll out and give advice to the minister.
“The recommendations from this mapping will be a step forward to shape some of the terms of reference, outcomes and discussions from that national coordinating committee.”

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