Consider public access to Fairfax Harbour, govt told


PUBLIC accessibility to Fairfax Harbour must be considered in its development by the Government and businesses, National Research Institute director Dr Charles Yala says.
Yala told The National last week that the need for inclusive development of Fairfax Harbour and other ports was paramount if the Government and the public would benefit from it in years to come.
“The land where this building ends (Steamships Harborside, East wing) all the way to the PNGDF Naval Base is in the hands of the State,” Yala said.
“The issue here to ensure that it is developed in such a way where there is an interface between the land and the sea for the public. An idea proposed would be to let Motukea be the industrial port for the harbour.
“This area of the harbour can be reserved for cruise ships and for the public to access the harbour.
“Public access to the sea is paramount and it has to be retained. Thus development by companies is properly regulated by the Government through the National Capital District Commission and its powers to facilitate the development of land.
“In some areas in the world, access to the sea have been cut off through unplanned development. Development of the harbour can be done but has to be facilitated in a way whereby business and companies benefit and the public do not lose out.”
Yala in a commentary described Fairfax Harbour as one of the finest natural harbours in the world.
“This harbour (Fairfax Harbour) is indeed a beautiful harbour and can be enhanced for us all to appreciate,” he said.

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