Construction begins for village aid post


People from a remote district in East Sepik are bound to have access to better health services soon, an official says.
Wewak Island president Puis Bugatar said Kragur and Baru villages in Wards 11 and 12 of his LLG (Wewak Island) started  construction of a new aid post on Monday.
“Since the colonial days, my people used to walk for distances just to receive proper health services,” he said.
Bugatar said the project was funded through a partnership arrangement with the Local Level Government services improvement programme and district services improvement programme.
He said the Matui Investment Ltd, the contractors for the project, started with the foundation yesterday.
“The village people are overjoyed and co-operative in transporting sand and gravel by boat from the other side of the island and levelling the foundation,” Bugatar said.
He said the levelling of the ground and the setting up of the foundation were done by  village youths and their two councillors.
“These people are grateful as the service will now be of great help to them in terms of better healthcare,” Bugatar said.
Bugatar said the project was expected to be completed in the next three months.
He said they would also build a residence for the health officer.

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