Construction of Tinkoris health centre underway


CONSTRUCTION for the new Tinkoris Health Centre at Huris in the Namatanai district of New Ireland will begin this month.
China Harbour Engineering Company is now mobilising heavy machinery and workforce into position at Tinkoris following announcement of the contract by administrator Lamiller Pawut.
The project cost K4.7 million.
Governor Sir Julius Chan said he was pleased to see a government policy objective and commitment being implemented.
Sir Julius congratulated the people for their “immense cooperation” in supporting the project.
He said Tinkoris would be the first model health centre in New Ireland and the New Guinea Islands region.
It will have the full array of medical services and doctors, operating theatre and 42-bed in-patient ward, maternity ward and a nursery.
Modern equipment, staff housing and power will also be provided at the facility.
“I want the Susurunga people of Nokon, Tekedan, Himaul and Huris to come up with a decision to draw water from the Tekedan River,” Sir Julius said.
“It can be piped to the top-up primary school, elementary school, existing health centre and the new one as well.
“Surrounding villages can also benefit. This will lift the overall standard of livelihood for their communities.
Susurunga Tanglamet is known for producing tonnes of cocoa along the Namatanai East Coast. “The government has intervened in concrete ways by bringing doctors to treat the sick, train the health workers and stock up the health posts with medicine. We have also introduced hygienic toilets and water supplies. The Tinkoris Health Centre is the cream on the cake,” he said.

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