Continuous flooding beyond department’s control: Wereh


THE continuous flooding of the Highlands Highway in the Markham valley of Morobe is an “act of nature” and beyond the control of the Works Department, Secretary David Wereh says.
He was commenting yesterday on the extent of damage to infrastructure on parts of the highway in the upper Markham Valley towards Madang and Eastern Highlands.
The area is known for flooding with water coming down from Finisterre Range between the Ramu and Markham Valleys.
“The water is changing its course from way up there in the mountains, and then flooding the roads,” Wereh told The National.
“This is not a maintenance issue.
“This is due to change in climate, change in weather patterns and change in natural forces.
“This is nature taking its course.
“No one has any control. You can’t work against nature.
“So we just continue to divert water along the drains and keep the road open.
“Later, when we have enough money, we will try to attend to this problem.
“The thing is that the problem originates kilometres away from the road, up in the mountain, so it’s not easy to find a quick solution to this.
“This is just like the Kumalu River (in Bulolo), where the problem is created by forces of nature.”

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