Convertible private jet takes luxury travel to a new level


LUXURY travel just got even more lavish — thanks to an incredible new model of private jet. The ‘convertible’ aircraft features a clear ceiling, allowing passengers to gaze out at the sky above them.
Even the most famous A-listers would be impressed with the sophisticated plane. The vehicle is known as the Airbus ACJ319neo Infinito jet.
It has been specially designed by Airbus and Pagaini Automobili, an exclusive Italian company that manufactures just 45 cars a year.
The aircraft is even more lavish than the regular Airbus A919neo model, which is worth a staggering £77 milliom (K317 million).
When looking at the amazing features, there’s no doubt that designers didn’t hold back on the expenses.
Despite this, Airbus are yet to release the value of this unique model.
The aircraft boasts countless impressive features and can comfortably carry eight passengers. The most obvious is the clear ceiling, which allows passengers to look up at the clouds.
In the unlikely chance they get bored of the stunning view from their seat, the transparent ceiling above them can be used in another exciting way.
On request, the roof can broadcast other images.
Other exciting characteristics include LED and mood lights that can evoke a relaxing ambience.
Travellers can get more privacy by turning dividing walls opaque at the click of a button.
They can also kick back in the comfy double bed, dining area and shower suite.
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