Why is this convicted man still free?


I am the complainant of court case number SCRA No.05 of 2010 against a defendant who is a prison officer and who had sexually assaulted my seven-year-old daughter in 2010. The defendant was convicted by the Supreme Court on Feb 27 last year to serve 10 years in prison with hard labour and directions were given by the court to take the defendant into custody pending the issue of warrants by the Supreme Court. However, Correctional Services administration has not detained the prisoner in custody effective from the date of conviction and it is almost two years now, but instead the CS Department has kept him on payroll and he is still working as a prison officer. I understand CS administers are to comply with court orders and directions. It is  more than 12 months now and the culprit is still in employment and enjoying freedom while my daughter is suffering in silence. Does the Correctional Service Act supersedes the Supreme Court Act and has wider powers or is it just the negligence of the Correctional administration commissioner’s office to comply with court directions?

Robert, Port Moresby

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