Coroner gets report of journo’s autopsy


The final course of action on the autopsy of the late journalist  Rosalyn Albaniel-Evara will await chief pathologist Dr Seth Fose’s final report.
Fose said he had submitted the report to the coroner last Friday and it was the coroner’s discretion to inform the parties concerned.
He was responding to reports that copies of the preliminary report had been given to the public and the media.
The final report is expected to be released in two weeks.
It is understood that media organisations were given copies of the report by the coroner’s court.
However, it is unclear whether the information contained in the report was approved for release.
Fose said it was a case of national interest and the coroner would use the preliminary findings to inform all those concerned.
Evara, 41, was the business editor of the Post Courier newspaper until she died on Sunday, Oct 15.
At her funeral service at the Rev Sione Kami Memorial Church in Port Moresby, aunt Mary Albaniel showed images of her body with injury marks. The images were shown on a screen in the church.
Mary Albaniel wore an orange T-shirt with the words: “No to violence against women” on the back. She told those at the service that her niece had been a victim of violence.
Fose carried out the autopsy last Thursday.
He said the embalming process had removed marks or bruises on the body.
He said once the deceased had undergone embalming, it distorted the bruises or scratches and even blood clots in the abdomen were removed during the process.
“The embalming process sucked blood clots out resulting in key evidence being removed,” Fose said.

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