Council happy with quiet campaign


THE PNG Council of Churches (PNGCC) is pleased with the quiet and peaceful campaigning so far in comparison to previous elections.
General secretary Rev Roger Joseph said this was a development and a sign that Papua New Guineans have matured.
“This election has been a very quiet time which is good because I think it shows maturity, but this maturity must not be a forced maturity,” Joseph said.
“It must be a maturity that must grow out of the people; that means we should not have rules telling us to be this way or that way, it must grow out of ourselves.
“There must be a time that we should experience new things happening, new lifestyles developing, new mindsets.
“I think this is the right time for that to happen so we want to congratulate Papua New Guinea for the way we have gone into this development, it’s really a development from our past elections.”
He called on all church leaders and Christian communities to make awareness in their churches and communities to encourage people to vote fairly in this election.
“We now call on the society and communities not to consider the integrity of a political party as a standard to make your choice of a leader, but to consider personal integrity as the standard of choice of a leader,” Joseph said.

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