Council makes new decision for LLG election


MOROBE provincial executive council (PEC) has passed a resolution to tell the National Government that local level government (LLG) presidents must be elected by people and not councillors.
Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu said yesterday that LLG elections would be held in 10 months’ time and Morobe leaders had unanimously agreed through a PEC resolution that councillors must not elect LLG presidents.
He said this was because presidents would not be truly representative of their people if they were elected by councillors.
Saonu said the election of presidents by councillors also allowed for unnecessary no-confidence votes.
“It is better for the people to give mandate to whoever person they wanted to be their president,” he said.
“This is so that from day-one through to the end of his or her five-year term, the person will fully concentrate on doing his or her duty as president.”
Saonu said the PEC decision would be given to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Cabinet to deliberate on.

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