Council priorities set


THE Business Council of Papua New Guinea will take up with the new government a list of priorities highlighting areas of concern for the business community.
Council’s executive director Douveri Henao, pictured, yesterday revealed a dashboard (plan) that the council had worked on following consultations with business houses.
“The business council undertook a series of consultations that commenced early this year with our members but broadly the private sector, to identify a priority list that we should advocate and work with the new government on,” he said.
“The result of this engagement has manifested into a dashboard and also a timeframe of that dashboard, and a report.”
Henao said the council had learnt its lesson when it did not participate in the the Alotau Accord.
“The greatest lesson that the Business Council and the private sector has learnt in the last five years is that we need to be directly involved in the creation of the nation’s political accord,” he said.
“And in this case, we learnt our lesson when we were not part of the Alotau Accord.”
He said the council should have been engaged in that process.
“There were many good ideas, there were also ideas of great concern to the businesses. But we were not present to contribute in a very profound and a very critical document that determined the destiny of our country in the past five years.”

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