Council warns nursing, midwife practioners against misconduct


ANY misconduct of nursing and midwife practitioners supported by sufficient proof will be serious enough to remove their names from the Nursing Council register, an official says.
Acting registrar of the council Doctor Nina Joseph was speaking on professional conduct and misconduct during a midwifery symposium in Port Moresby.
She said the topic needed discussion because such actions by practitioners were not reported.
“The council hardly hears all this serious offences. But when going around the provinces, I hear a lot of bad things happening but not reported,” she said.
“While there are some good reports coming through, at the same time, there are some instances reflected unprofessional misconduct.
“What I would like to stress is that as far as the professional conduct is concerned, we are expected to comply with the minimum requirements of our profession.”
Joseph said every nurse and midwife was required to conduct themselves professionally to serve the public with pride and honour.

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