Councillors agree to register land under ILG


THE 27 councillors of Karimui LLG in Karimui Salt-Nomane district, Chimbu, have agreed to work with authorities to registered land under incorporated land groups (ILGs).
MP Mogerema Wei who had repeatedly urged his people to mobilise their land to harness its development potential and stop illegal land grabbing, met with the councillors, magistrates and community leaders to discuss the matter in Kundiawa last Friday.
The leaders said land mobilisation was very important to protect their land and prevent disputes over ownership which was common nowadays when government or developers took over customary land.
Wei said Karimui had very fertile land where massive agricultural projects could be developed to impact people’s lives.
“I have made my intention known to the Lands Department and implementing agencies like the Department of Agriculture and Livestock,” he said.
“They are aware of it and are ready to help us. I only need your (LLGs) blessings. If we can form ILGs and stop unnecessary issues over land ownership, we can see major projects taking off the ground which would greatly improve our lives.”
He said agriculture was in the blood of the people and he urged them not to sell land which is an important asset to their livelihood.
Karimui LLG president Benjamin Pawa and his deputy Simon Asai commended Wei for coming up with “a brilliant idea”.
“We are happy with this initiative. We have never been safe in protecting our land. But now after we form ILGs we can be able to build a fence to protect ourselves from the wild pigs (prevent land grabbing), Pawa said.
“We will start doing awareness in all the council wards and make our people aware because this is an important project.  We all agree to form groups and utilise our land for positive developments.”

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